Heritage Greece Testimonials

‘Today was our first FULL day in Greece! Among many wonderful activities, we visited the Acropolis Museum, climbed up to the Parthenon and had a delicious Souvlaki lunch in down town Athens. After lunch we had some free time to explore the down town. I enjoyed getting to take in the culture first hand by conversing with Greek vendors and locals. Overall it was a great first day and I am excited to see what the rest of our journey will bring!’

Julia Levinson


‘Upon my return to the States, I’ve been asked more times than I can count “How was Greece?” The only words that I can find to answer this are “life changing.” Heritage Greece was not only a chance for me to visit incredible historical sites, taste authentic Greek cuisine, and experience all of the things about Greece that my YiaYia and Papou constantly regale over, but also a chance for me to make lifelong friends.’

Alexandra (Allie) Weber


‘Today was another great day, as have been all days on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of a trip. We woke up extra early this morning to head off to Nafplio, which is a 3 hour drive from the residences. When we got off the bus, we arrived at a beautiful port with crystal blue water and sailboats. The scene made me super nostalgic for our amazing sailing trip this past weekend. After, we were lucky enough to visit the Harvard University center for Hellenic Studies. We strolled around the picturesque streets and shopped a bit for souvenirs, gifts, and more. Nafplio is an incredible city with an extremely European vibe.’

Karina Camargo


‘Halfway through our chatter I thought to myself, “Am I really speaking Greek to someone when I just learned the language?” I was. How cool is this experience?’

Jack Dulgarian


Over the weekend, we had an incredible opportunity to sail to the islands of Poros and Angistri. This sailing adventure was a wonderful get-away after an eventful week of exploring mainland Greece and studying Greek language/culture. Before reaching Poros, we stopped to eat lunch and swim in the Aegean Sea. The water and the scenery were absolutely breathtaking! Swimming was also fun and refreshing! I really enjoyed learning how to sail and spending quality time relaxing and getting to know one another better. On our return from Poros, we swam at Angistri and cooked meals together on our sailboats. I loved this trip because we got to explore Greek islands while relaxing, bonding, and cooking “family meals”. It was a wonderful weekend with my Heritage Greece family!’

Danielle Pappas


‘Leaving the crowded city of Athens behind, we sailed into the sapphire waters of the Aegean Sea, toward the misty, rocky shores of the islands. We all learned how to sail, which is a vital aspect of Greek culture and history. Every view was post-card-worthy. Between the two days, we visited the gorgeous islands of Aegina, Poros, and Angistri. We also saw famous landmarks like Piraeus and Salamis, the site of the famous Greek victory over the Persians that ignited the Golden Age of Greece. With the breathtaking landscapes, delicious Greek food, calming sea breezes, new sailing and cooking skills, and fun with friends, this was truly a vacation in paradise.’

Alex Markos


‘I really enjoyed our first experiential language class, it’s a great way to practice what we’ve been learning in the language classes. After all, speaking the language is much more effective in becoming fluent, than just learning in the classroom. An inside look to the Greek coffee culture…’

Alex Andreadis