Libra Internship Program Key Pre-Departure Steps


To be considered for the Libra Internship Program, students must apply online at? before the application deadline. Libra takes students from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds given that applicants demonstrate strong interest in the industry/industries to which they are applying.

Below are the key steps for the International Internship program:

Check your eligibility before applying (show)

To see if you are eligible to apply, click?here. It is advisable that you start the process no later than 1 month before the deadline. Your completed application has to be submitted to the Libra Group by the stated deadline for you to be considered for this program. View the?Libra Internship Program key dates.

If eligible, complete the Online Application (show)

If you are eligible, please visit the?Libra Internship Program website?to apply online. It is suggested you also e-mail the Office of Career Services to inform them of your desire to apply and follow our tips?here. The Libra Group will then ascertain if, based on your application package, you are eligible for an interview. ?For more information on the application process, please review the frequently asked questions.

Purchase Health Coverage (show)

A basic Libra Group requirement is to have International Health Insurance (IHI). You can either extend your family insurance plan or decide to purchase individual insurance, be it private or public health coverage. In either case, you must confirm your coverage extends to the location you will be interning. Be sure to look into this early on as it can take a few months to settle this requirement.?Here?is a link to some suggestions about purchasing IHI.

Obtain your passport (show)

If you don’t already have one, you need to obtain a passport. Greek students should visit the Hellenic National Passport Center website for more information about obtaining a passport:? If you have a passport, please ensure it is valid for at least 6 months after the end of your internship.

Apply for an intern visa (show)

Once selected for the program, come by the office and we will help you with your visa options. You will work closely with the Libra Group to have your visa issued. Libra will contact you regarding the visa process approximately 2-3 months prior to the semester you are planning to intern.

Don’t forget before you go (show)

Come by our office and pick up your Pre-departure Guide which includes tips and useful information about living in a foreign country for the first time. Don’t forget to come say good-bye to us before you leave!


The Offices of Career Services will assist you through every phase of the process.

We wish you all the best and look forward to hearing all about it when you return!